The Unknown


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The Unknown (Single) was written back when I was in college, during a time of uncertainty for me. It found its place on the recording you are looking at right now. Since time continues moving forward, there will always be an unknown to walk into. No matter your circumstance, or where you are at in your life; the unknown is always there. It was released back in 2018 at the finale of my undergraduate degree, when things were looking up, but scary nonetheless. The picture represents a cave (it is actually a cave!) that I was free from, walking towards the light of what I like to call the future.

Everyone deals with uncertainty in life. This piece portrays seasons of my life that over the years I have experienced: times of doubt, lack of faith, and fear of the future. It moves through several sections, essentially ending up where it began. If you’d like to purchase the sheet music for this piece, click here.

I also plan on releasing several new versions of this piece. It was recorded well before I had the chops that I currently possess. So be looking out for updates on this, as well as “The Unknown” music video coming out hopefully this year! You won’t want to miss out! Follow this link when it goes live.



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