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Waves was written back in 2019, and it takes the listener on a journey through the ups and downs of life. Through arpeggiated chords on the piano and sweeping melody from the cello, a picture is painted of the challenges of life through the rough tides and the peace and stillness found in the low tide. This piece was written during my undergrad when I found out I had lost my grandma which hit me really hard. During the years following her passing, I learned how to move forward and see the good in life without her. Waves also applies to my life today, having gone through the journey with its ups and downs, finding joy in every day. The piano emulates life continuing on, and the cello is like the voice in the wilderness, singing a beautiful melody to the ends of time. The song can be interpreted in so many ways, being mysterious yet clear and relatable at the same time. Let’s go on a journey together through the waves of life.

Its release date was October 21st, 2022. Make sure to follow me on Spotify and subscribe to my YouTube channel for “Moore” Music!


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