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I offer a variety of musical services that covers all aspects of music production and composition. These services are: Recording, Mixing, Composition, Editing, Orchestrating, Sound Design, and much more.
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Snowfall encapsulates bringing light and warmth to the dark world that we live in. Even when we are surrounded by a blizzard with no real end in sight, there’s always a light that shines in the darkness and guides us through the storm; I hope this piece has that same effect on the world around me.



Waves was released on October 21st, 2022, as well as having an accompanying music video that premiered the same day.  I wrote "Waves" back in my undergrad during a time of uncertainty and loss.…

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Memories: Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes Memories: Behind The Scenes - One can fail to realize how much actually goes into every detail of a piece. "Memories" is a compilation of my entire life; wrapped up in…


Music and the stories they they tell…

One of the many things in life that motivates me and speaks for me the most, is music. You can say a thousand words, but all of those words could be just ramblings on a page, or you can create a song that can tell a story. I'm not the biggest fan of public speaking, not even playing in front of large audiences.


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