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Music and the stories they they tell…

One of the many things in life that motivates me and speaks for me the most, is music. You can say a thousand words, but all of those words could be just ramblings on a page, or you can create a song that can tell a story. I’m not the biggest fan of public speaking, not even playing in front of large audiences. The pressure can overwhelm me and influence how well I can perform. Of course these fears can be conquered, but it is not as easy as just snapping your fingers.

I found that creating original music, makes it much easier for me to perform in front of people. Since the themes that I write are directly connected to times and seasons of my life, I am much more connected to it. Rather than playing a Classical piece in front of a large audience. It’s so special, because it can illustrate someones circumstance at any point in their life. Adding meaning and depth to it in the process. What would once just sound dull and boring, is now a masterpiece. Defining that life for others to see in a digestible fashion is my goal.

The biggest hurdle in the music industry right now, is how difficult it is to capture the hearts of the younger generation. Whose attention’s spans are evermore dwindling away day by day. It’s my goal as a modern-day composer to find new ways to reach that demographic, and share relatable stories across the board, through music.

Here at Moore Music, stories are the foundation to everything done, whether that be for picture, or for a song. If you’d like to see some more of the stories that I tell, check out my YouTube channel! Let me help you tell your story through my music.

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