What does snowfall mean to me? It means waking up in the morning at the cabin and looking out the window to see a fresh blanket of fluffy goodness. This with a steady flow of snow falling to the ground. Imagine that, and the brisk cold that you feel on your skin when you walk outside. That feeling causes you to run back inside; shivering, only to squeeze closely buy the fireplace to get warm. This imagery that I am giving you today, is my story. Each and every one of you have had your own stories one way or another in the snow. Whether you wanted to be in the snow, or if you were caught in a blizzard; most of you know what I am talking about. Snowfall can either be a peaceful bliss, or a terrifying storm. Its unpredictable, and especially unforgiving.

Snowfall encapsulates bringing light and warmth to the dark world that we live in. Even when we are surrounded by a blizzard with no real end in sight, there’s always a light that shines in the darkness and guides us through the storm; I hope this piece has that same effect on the world around me.

Check out what Dizzy O’Brian had to say about Snowfall:

Michael Moore’s latest composition, Snowfall, is a brilliant new short work for piano. It is masterfully performed and well produced. Snowfall uses broken chord patterns to effectively paint a musical picture of falling snow, blanketing the landscape. At the same time, the work stays true to its pure musical idea and the result is a very lovely, listenable work of music. This work is comparable to the piano works of Richard Clayderman in its accessibility and high quality. It’s easy to see that, with this gift for descriptive, melodic composing, that this composer will someday soon make a name for himself in the film scoring industry.

Stay tuned for its official release on February 9th at 10 AM PST. Its accompanied music video will be premiering that same date/time. Make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss it! Purchase it here.

Snowfall Album Art

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